The Mysterious Hotel Room

Dream Journal 28-5-16

‘James, you have to try this.’ I was int the back of someone’s car, I knew the person but I couldn’t place their name. I was being offered a bottle of alcohol, Guinness to be precise. I could feel that my stress levels were high and so I broke my own rule, I sipped that bottle. It… wasn’t bad. We turned a sharp corner and some of the alcohol spilt onto my lap. I didn’t like this, so I handed the bottle back. ‘Yeah, it’s acceptable. I still don’t want to drink it, though.’

I bid the group farewell as they dropped me off at the nearest street corner. I knew this area… didn’t my crush live just around that corner there? After checking my watch I decided not to traverse these darkened streets for longer than necessary, it was two in the morning after all. I checked myself into the nearest hotel and went to my room. Expecting to be able to crash down into a room that smells slightly too much like socks and detergent I was shocked to see that there were people, thousands of people, in a room the size of my Varsity sports hall. They were all awake, all at desks, a few were frantically scribbling down notes but most of them were making a raucous noise by chatting their neighbours as loudly as they could. I headed over to my number, 153. Perfect! I had a window seat. My anxiety went down a notch knowing that if it all got too bad I could hurl myself out of the window and be done with it all.

I gazed out of the window, not fully aware that I was in the building right next door to my crush. It took about half an hour before I realised that she was actually in the room two floors below the one I was in. This was really creepy. Was I stalking her? Hell, if I was thinking that then she must be too. I can’t think about that now. I have an exam to write. What? Exam? My brain seemed to be operating on two different levels. On the one side, I fully aware of everything that was going on around me. On the other, I had no conscious awareness that even when my eyes showed me the exam paper in front of me, it was not until now that I realised that I had to put pen to paper and yield some answer to that which was questioned.

I was the last to finish the exam. I knew this by the noise level of those around me. Everyone was speaking again. Was this my hotel room as well as my exam venue? I guess I would never know. I looked around the hall, trying to find a familiar face. about three rows in front of me was a petite Indian woman. It was Sera, the same person that had offered me alcohol the other day. I was under the impression that she didn’t drink. Hm, interesting. Also, she prides herself on her solidarity yet here she is, without a hint of sadness, jovially controlling the attention of a crowd of eighteen people who had gathered around her desk.

My thoughts wandered over to my dogs, I hoped they were doing alright, I hoped my brother had remembered to feed them. Oh well, it looks like there wasn’t much I could do until I got out of this place. I walked out of the room only to find that upon my exiting of the doors, the place turned quite and returned to the dusty, cheap hotel on the beachfront.


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