Reminiscing of the Good Old Times

A not-at-all-daily response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Dream

Seeing as the purpose of my site is a dream journal, I thought it would just be plain wrong of me to pass up on this prompt.

Dreams are a fascinating thing. They are where our minds go while we doze. Dreams are simply  a series of thoughts while we sleep. These could be in words or images, sometimes both, sometimes neither. As of this posting, the site has been going for days, has 141 posts, 82 comments, and a whopping 2 pages.

I thought that as the focus of this post, I will include a list of my favourite dreams from memory here. I hope you enjoy.

The Lady in Blue – the penultimate post on this site. It was the dream that led to everything you see here and is the cause to blame for all the pleasures and pains I have gained from this site.

Ash and Blood – I love this dream because of how real it is to me. It showed me just how vivid dreams can be. The pungent smell of death here was so real that I woke up tasting it.

Contagion – Who doesn’t love a good story of vampires and werewolves? Looking back at it, this dream seems to have taken place on the plane of InnistradThis dream showed me that I actually saw myself capable of becoming a lecturer and gave me direction in where to aim.

Many people think that dreams carry great meaning, saying that they are the revelations of the subconscious mind. Well, I disagree. I don;t think we should take dreams that seriously. I think that whenever we infer meaning, we do so to suit our  desires. I rate we should all just enjoy dreams a bit more, without worrying about their significance of what they say of our lives.


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