Dream Diary of the Ill-gotten Times

I’ve been quite ill for the past few days and unable to update my Dream Journal here. My dreams were short, and . . . weird, so I have compiled them all here for ease of reference.

Dream Journal 19-05-16

My dream on this night was ceaseless chopping of onions. I had goggles on, and bags and bags of onions to go through with massive pots chopping that which I had diced already.

Dream Journal 20-05-16

This night was another empty vial

Dream Journal 21-05-16

I was sitting in my lecture, at the back of the class, just doing my work as per what was required by me when, all of a sudden, my lecturer and I switched places. Next thing I knew, I was giving the class. It shocked me so much that I woke up there and have no idea where that dream was going.

Dream Journal 22-05-16

It was like I was watching myself, I was sleeping, yet I was seeing what it was that I was doing while asleep. My phone went off. I had received a text, just a single text, the words of which I could not make out. But I could see who sent it and, although my eyes were still filled with sleep, tears streamed down my cheeks like the rain during a heavy storm. Pain. Fear. Anguish.

Dream Journal23-05-16

My dream last night was of the one aspect I refuse to speak of on this site. My saying that should be enough for you to work out what it was from the other posts here.


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