Pfft – I can’t do that

A not-so-daily response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Underestimate

There have been so many times when I have looked at something and reaasoned; “I can’t do that.” It’d be okay if it were simply underestimations, but no. There are many times when my brain goes “Hey buddy!” and spites me… Underestimations is one of the things I know I do, I know I underestimate myself but thing is, how do you even counter that?

It’s not like one can just assume a higher bar will be passed. Whenever we estimate something we are basing that conclusion off of something else. From the value of that something else we expect a certain result. I tend to expect a lower result to what I end up getting, and do not for a second think that I am complaining about that. I am grateful that I underestimate myself because it allows me two things.

The first is that whenever I presume an expected result, if the results of the past are anything to go by, then I know there is a strong chance that I will be wrong. It makes for a pleasent surprise when I expecct such and such a result but get something greater. Like with cooking, I expect the taste to be so-so and there have been times when my test subjects have demanded the dish again, so it must have been good. The second, it gives me confidence. If there is any one thing I am confident in, it is my ability to be wrong. That condifence in my ability to fail, ironivcally enough, allows me to put myself into scenarios where I normally would not even think to venture. This blog is ne such an example, I started it as a place where I could log my dreams and the occasional thought, not expecting results or stats to be booming. It was a pleasant surprise to see.

All in all, I think underestimations, when of yourself, can be a really good thing. When on others, I’m not so sure.


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