Not just your average Latin Lecture

Dream Journal 11-05-16

Finally, that’s the last of the university tests that I need to stress over.

In my dreams, I visited the test that I would be writing later that day. It was an absolute nightmare, judging by my marks, I was not bad at Latin, I went into the test with a lot of confidence, I knew my stuff, I had studied hard so all was good. The next day, we got the results back. She looked thrilled with our class. I was relieved, that test had seemed a little too easy for my liking. She calls out the First mark, Nadine…Hundred,  Indie…hundred, Sonja…hudred again, I am so proud of you three. My Latin teacher was a sweet old lady, always smiling and very understanding of our difficulties with the language. Her mood changed as she addressed me by my surname, Wakefield…zero. And then she said words to me which I have sworn not to utter myself. However, if I were to say it to you, there would be a few articles, maybe a verb, several hundred beeps.


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