Outside Inside Inside Out

A not-so-daily response to the Daily Prompt’s Daily Post: Chaos

Little by little, breaking, like an old and fragile glass.

Our pieces fell down onto the floor

And soon we were left with nothing more

Than broken glass and shards of our hearts.


There was no-one that would save us.

There was no-one that care

We are the broken and faithless

But by no means are we unaware.


Hell yeah, sure we wanted more.

No way we were going back to war.

Our weary bones could barely hold us up.

But still we fought, not out of luck.


Because deep down we could not give in,

We were like them, afraid of the end

Fearing what lay beyond,

Our fires still lit, we could respond.


Unable to fight but unable to give in

We’d scour the depths of hell for but a single sign

Of something that had our smell

Just a semblance of our memories was all that we required.


While demons around us danced,

While the rest of the world advanced,

We would stay right here, and alone we roam

To rediscover our broken hearts.




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