An almost daily response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Hope

In my view, hope is one of the most miraculous aspects of actually… I don’t know how to pin this one down. Is hope an emotion? Is it a state of being? A manner in which one acts? Is it one of these? All of them? None of them? Something else completely? Well, I’m sure someone out there has an answer for you. I can only give my opinion. And that is that hope is something that cannot be pinned down here.

Hope is something abstract from the standard human entity, it does not root our feet down to the earth, it does not keep us tethered to any kind of reality but rather, hope is that which frees us from it. Hope gives us the wings that we need in order to soar through the skies and reach our goal. Faith, in our own ability, is the creator of this hope and it is this hope that sustains us, allows us to keep on going. Pushing us forwards and erring us on. Hope and obstinate stubbornness cause us to get up every time we fall and walk on. This is why depression is such a dangerous state as in it, one has a complete lack of hope. My fellow sufferers of self-doubt will tell you how easy it is to fall and just stay seated. Unwavering hope is hard to come by so some of us are destined to fall. Getting up is a lot of work when you can see no end. When you have no hope and there is nothing to work towards then why even bother getting up. Well, the answer very often doesn’t come from the one who fell. It comes from the rest of us, the passerby. The one who looks on through the sadness and seems someone dying for hope.

Hope is the fire that burns within the soul and when that fickle flame gets snuffed, so does our reason for living. So if you ever encounter someone in a dark place, give them hope. Give them something that they can work towards, they may not have any of their own so just share some of yours. When a candle goes out and we have no match to light it, we don’t despair, we simply take an already lit candle out of its rest, and share its flame. So long as we have one light, so long as we all don’t get snuffed at the same time, then there is hope for us all.



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