Scars of Medley

A not-so-daily response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompts: Music and Scars

Do you have any songs that have left a mark on your mind that is almost like a scar? Something that, each and every time you hear it, brings back memories that hurt but that we sometimes want to enjoy. I have very few memories but there are songs that I feel drawn to and unable to explain why. Not in the sense that they are good songs, but that they feel as if they should mean something more to me then I could explain. For me, the list below is more than just a collection of my most loved songs but these songs have scarred me, either for better or for worse. They have either made a mark on me for their meaning to me or because of the time at which they appeared in my life.

Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree; Gotye and Kimbra – Somebody that I used to know; Toni Basil – Hey Micky; The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony; Pitch Perfect – Cups; Sweeny Todd – A Little Priest; The Otherwise – Like a Fairy Tale; Death Ca for Cutie – I will Follow you into the Dark; Mika – Billy Brown; Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly; Muse – Hysteria; Radiohead – Creep; Queen – I want to break free; Muse -Supremacy; Queen – Somebody to love; Foofighters – Everlong; Foo Fighters – The Pretender.


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