Double Whammy

Dream Journal 2016-02-05

1) This was a one-image type dream. In it, I went to visit my old music teacher and ask how this year’s musical was going. He asked who I was so I just said a sibling of one of the crew. If he had forgotten about me performing under his guidance then maybe it was for the best.

2) In this dream, I was completing my daily chores just like on any other day. Feeding the dogs, watering the plants, making dinner and putting on another load of washing. It was necessary work, but thankfully it was not all too tiring. As I slumped into my chair to wait for the dishwasher to finish its cycle, the arms of the chair seemed to collapse inwards, over me as I sunk through the chair and into a land of mystery. I had visited this place in my imagination enough times to know where I was, Oran-Rief, The Vastwood. I had slipped through the weave and ended up in Zendikar! The hundred metre tall trees had trunks were as thick as three Otyughs were wide. The sun illuminated the forest in a subtle green haze that made the forest seem to be in a permanent state of twilight. A river, far off in the distance, pooled nearby at the bottom of a waterfall. The ground was rumbling, the elementals rising. I was about to go through the most exhilarating ride of my life – bareback, on the earth itself, as it charged down the Eldrazi titans. The rocks wobbled, shifted, then flew inwards – the true shape of Zendikar was forming underneath my feet.


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