Darkness Crawling Slowly Creeping

Dream Journal 26-04-16

“You are by far the most handsome man on the planet.” She whispered to me, trying to make me stray from my goal. I needed to get out of these woods, I could feel my anxiety kicking in. I was hyperventilating. The world was swirling around me. I had about fifty metres to go. She addressed me again: “You know what it is that you want. It’s right here, just come and take it.”

She offered me the blade once more, it was a wondrous item, the hilt elegant in its simplicity, the blade a double edged sword, one side adamantine and one side silver. It was the ultimate beast-slayer, that meant that it threatened all of us – myself included. Yeah, I had a dark secret that I’d rather just keep hidden but so what? Aren’t we all hiding things about ourselves that we regret and are ashamed of? I did not value my life that much but I knew if I held that blade then that was it, not just for me but her as well. Peace. An eternal slumber. The demon’s words had taken over me and slipped int my mind. I watched as my hand reached out to touch the white-gold hilt. As I did the world went black and I dreamt of darkness crawling.


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