Carnal Intellectual

Dream Journal 25-04-16

I can only recall one scene from my dream last night. I was sitting, working at my desk. Finishing off the latin assignment that had been looming over me all weekend. I wanted to get it done earlier but time did not allow that. My back hurt. It felt as if someone was forcing my head into my textbook and, as a result of that, bending the curvature of my spine. Turns out, it wasn’t an ‘it’ but more of a ‘she’ or at least, I think it was. The ‘she’ I speak of had long hair and was relatively slim, horned and had a tail too, otherwise, there was nothing else that suggested that she was a ‘she’. Anyways, this ‘she’ spoke to me in Japanese and, although I could not understand it, I knew that she was complaining to me for not having learnt any Japanese that week. Looks like my academic guilt manifests in the form of a succubus.

Should I be glad that this demon doesn’t plague me as it is traditionally meant to, or should I lament at my lack of lust? I’d chose the first.


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