Well that certainly could have gone better

Dream Journal 21/22-04-16

Although both of these days I woke up with a an empty vial, on the 21st I woke up drenched in sweat but there was no apparant reason for it. On the 22nd I woke up feeling like I had just been shot. I’m kinda glad that I cannot remember my dreams from those night.

Dream Journal 23-04-16

In last night’s dream, I was able to excert a large amount of my willpower over the events in the dream. I basically was able to set things the way I wanted them, except for one little aspect. Although I was able to control all the different factors to finally be able to meet someone properly in  my dreams, she handed me a list of the ten things I wanted to hear least of all. I won’t recount them because I try to avoid unnecessary pain when possible. But for a brief overview of them, they were the words of a lover scorned and three items on dairy. Don’t ask about the dairy, all I know is that they hurt equally as bad but I could nt tell you why.

This next bit could have been a continuation of the same dream or it could have been a different one altogether. I can’t tell becasue it fits the general geographical area where I was in the first dream but there is a large time difference between the two and I had no recollection of where I was coming from. I was driving to someplace (I asssume my university as I could see it perched there upon the hill) and I missed my turnoff. I carried on down the road for a few minutes waiting to see if the next one would take me to the same place but I found a circle and thought it easiest if I just went around there and back down this same road. All was pleasant, the roads were not busy at all, I could handle it. I could handle this drive and I could handle this road. As I entered the circle, the amount of cars preset increased tenfold. Instead of a simple four, we had 18. All whizzing around the circle like they were the only ones that could use it. I knew I could not cope, but each turnoff before the one I wanted looked like they wanted to take me straight down through hell. I puttered along, slowing the car right down. Hazards on. People could be annoyed at me, I didn’t care. My stress levels had skyrocketed and I needed to get out of here. The cars slowed to accomodate me. Maybe I could survive this. 30 metres to go. 20. 10. I was almost there, the cars had all gone  but something still felt off. I was hyperventilating and a panic atack seemed immanent. I heard the revving on an engine and someone screaming at me. I had resumed normal pace in my car by now and was three-quarters out the circle when I heard it. I loud crash. I felt myself heaved out of bed. I ran accross the room and closed my banging windows to avoid the immanent storm.


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