Here I sat three days ago,
full of life and cheer.
how things have changed since the news,
that pressed against my ear.

Not death nor dire tragedy,
that makes me bleed inside.
just plain uncertainty that makes my insides quiver.

I am not accustomed to such things nor will I ever be,
The news that I received came from thee university.
“Your course is no longer offered so you better try anew.”
with callous disregard, they added one last thought too
“We may have made a mention that we care for our learners,
but we care not your new application.
For it is late and we dare not consider,
the knowledge to be shared between us.
We have no care for you.”

You have left me feeling uncertain of who I am inside,
for when I came across these facts I was not struck down,
I quivered.


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