Tear in the Sands

Dream Journal 17-04-16

Last night I had one of those nights were sleep was almost impossible to come by. The images that permeated my mind may have just been hallucinations of the morning’s activities which I was really looking forward to. A casual (but devilishly early) stroll on the beach with a close friend.

In the dream account of what happened my friend kept on drowning after I said the wrong things to her. It was as if upon my utterance of a faulty word the seas parted and swallowed her whole. Each time this happened I woke up drenched in sweat and at my last count, it had happened on seven different occasions. Each time a different stimulus caused the parting of the ocean or (as in the latter 4) the splitting of the sands so that any connection we could have made would violently rip us apart.


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