Well that was dissapointing

Dream Journal with a bit of a ramble 14-04-16

In my dream last night, a newly acquainted friend of mine was in a grave argument with some older males, I could see that all she was doing was digging a hole deeper and deeper for herself. I was on the on the either side of the road and my voice was unable to reach them past the roar of the engines that sped past. All I had with me was an empty waterbottle. I thought that if I threw it and managed to hit the biggest guy, their attention would turn to me and she could make a dash for it. I threw the bottle with all my might, aiming for a knockout blow. The bottle sailed gracefully through the air, with a slight low whistle that was only audible due to a sudden lull in the stream of traffic. The men hesitated as they watched this bottle whizzing towards them. It felt like it was in the air for a full half a minute, then just as it approaches them, the bottle falls towards their feet and breaks. Useless.

In the end I don;t know if I got t save my friend or not. Knowing how things are between us she probably is the one who saved me!


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