Galactic Snooze Hour

A not so daily response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Bedtime

This is a weird and very vague notion of time. Some places go without ever falling into a state of rest akin to sleep. Roughly, I think it is that time when the world is so still that you can hear the songs of the stars raging on through endless millennia, pulsating, quaking, flaring, dropping. Ever present and virtually neverending. We could not even hope to conceive of the song of the stars for our lives are futile and dreadfully short.

If there ever is a time when our galaxy takes a rest and if we humans are around to view it, I hope that we just sit back and enjoy it. None of this “oh I’ll record it on my phone to watch it again later” nonsense. Just silent reverence of the world around us. I often find myself focussing on the smallest aspects in life and overpowering my pity triumphs. I would like to think that it takes a lot of effort to just drop everything and relax, I know I certainly do battle with it.

If there is a galactic snooze hour when most of the system lies dormant, then I hope we can set our scientific devices to record and track everything, while we sit back in awe. And look take away the humans and tonight will be that night.


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