Featured Me?

Dream Journal 07-04-16 and a response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Tricky

According to Freud, my dream of a snake last night means that there is a masculine figure that I a sexually attracted to. According to Jung it is a symbol of reform as a snake sheds its skin. I largely believe Psychology to be a pseudoscience, especially retrodictive theories like Freudian psychology, however there is some truth to their theory in terms of my dream.

All I dreamt of last night was a snake crawling over my textbook. And not just one snake, but many snakes one after the other. When I say there is truth in the theory what I really mean is that is is general enough for me to include my dream and a possible meaning of it to their theory.

Freud was an extremely sexual guy and I am – well – not. I find the very concept of intercourse discomforting. No, I had no drama in my life that preconditioned me to thinking this way, I just don’t get it. There are many males that I find attractive, just not sexually, same for females, and bisexuals, transgenders, dogs, cats, not so much cows or the stereotypical fish. So that throws any semblance of Freud’s theory out of applicability here. Jung, yeah, I have been thinking that I should renew my self portrait because I have now noticed a significant change in myself since the last portrait I did. I a no longer the person in that picture, I don’t really look like that anymore either…

I guess that gives me my next project then, a new self-portrait. The featured image was my first noteworthy self-portrait. The image below this would be my second. Each marks a distinct stage in my life where I can class myself as being a certain person. I’m pretty sure that you can see you much the person in those pictures has changed just by looking at the first and second one.




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