On Poetry – After some other stuff

Not-so-daily-response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Handwriting

Ever opened anybody’s journal and just thought wow, I wish they would make this into a font? I do that all the time. My handwriting looks like the kind of text that a dog spews out after it’s choked your homework back up – for the second time.

I think handwriting is a really interesting aspect of written language. The different tendencies that people have when writing, how they hold the pen. Do they prefer gel/ ballpoint/ pencil/ or clutch? I do most of my writing in pencil, I find that I can get the best speed with it, I also make a lot of errors when I write because I tend towards speed over grammatical accuracy. I delete, duplicate and overwrite both my letters and my words. I mix phrases of the sentence up and get them backwards. I insert, into almost every sentence, sub-clause after sub-clause, to show emphasis and elaborate on my point, and you end up with a sentence 10 lines long, with all of these subordinate clauses, and it makes the idea that I am trying to convey almost impossible to get across because the brain cannot actually comprehend that much information when it is given in a single sentence – much like this one.

Handwriting is almost like an extension of the person’s thoughts onto paper, that is why I prefer to read handwritten texts over typed ones. Well, not always. I cannot say I would rather read an entire novel or academic essay in the person’s hand. I want to read poetry and love letters that have been carved onto the page by the heart. I don’t want to have to shift through an electronic standard that is not truly your own. When we write something out by hand, we can put so much more care and so much more effort into things. Poetry is a natural extension of the human mind. Not only the creation of it but the appreciation of it.

I am a horrible poet and my creative writings are, in all honesty, just short of repulsive. But I still try and write because I think it is a natural thing to do. It is the human thing to do. To read, and to write and to engage in the almost certainly irrational pursuit of the arts.


2 thoughts on “On Poetry – After some other stuff

  1. Trust me on this one, my poems are fair better in type than by hand, for a start you can actually read them 😀
    But yet I get you, I do love to see actual handwritten pieces of writing, just not in my writing

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