A Daily Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Friend

What is a friend? To many people, it’s just someone who has accepted their facebook request. To me, it’s something more than that. The word friend, as I understand it, carries far greater meaning than anything with as wide a scope as that.

I went through all of high school only having four people I could call my friends. There are five names on the list but two of them were a couple that I only got along easily with when they were together. That is the first and possibly most important aspect of my definition of ‘friend’. I have to be able to get along with you without either my mental or my physical state being in any form of major discomfort. If you smell, I must be able to tell you this on good conscious. If your dress is not properly fitting you, I must be able to alert you to this without any feeling of discomfort. I need to feel no sense of repulsion, physical or otherwise for me to consider the other person my friend. I must be willing and eager to spend more time with you than I would spend without you. You have to be someone who I actually want to spend time with. If I would willingly and eagerly spend more than half of my time with you, then person = closer to friend. I have mentioned in an earlier about touch, I am reluctant to make physical contact with anyone and everyone outside of my friend circle. If I would engage the embrace between us because I want our ‘energies’ (for lack of a better word) to mix, then I could call you a friend.

A friend is someone that I look up to, all my friends are better than me. They are people who exhibit some trait that I find remarkable and interesting. They are people who I find pleasure in seeing and will openly talk to about whatever is on my mind – regardless of the connotations and implications. A friend is someone who I can rely on. Someone who will be sincere with me on most occasions but will, in good conscious, lie to me when I am reaching an emotional slump. Someone that I can argue with from sunrise to sunset and still cook a meal alongside them.

I know that I do not fit this definition for those whom I call my friends. If they applied the same criterion to me, I would not pass. And I am okay with that. I don’t mind if you think of me as a tool while I consider you a friend. I know that I am a slight deviation from the norm. I’m a geek, a Japanophile, a lover of philosophy, language, science and the arts but a hater of the illogical, I sill smite those whom I deem to have misaligned priorities but I will hardly ever show them the right path, I am hypocritical and I like to think that I am better than I actually am. In all honesty, I am probably just a regular person, it is my friends that I want to be like. If anything, they make me special.


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