Sapience is Fleeing

Just another Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Fleeting

She was the most beautiful woman you would have ever met. Not because she made the crowd swoon. Not because when she smiled she made anyone’s heart flutter. She did not have any remarkable features, in fact, she was probably below average in all regards. She ate with her mouth open and snorted needlessly. She knew less about socio- norms than I did and didn’t give a damn even when it mattered. Her voice was shrill and she had no regard or personal hygiene.

Those three days that I spent with her, they were the most emotional days of my life. I hated everything about her but she had the most incredible mind I had ever borne witness to. Even just thinking of her makes my body go numb. Despite all her flaws, she had showed me her mind and we were in complete synchronisation.

Those five wonderful hours.


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