From the 8th to the 13th

A bundled up dream journal.

Dream Journal 08-03-16

I battled to sleep on this night. I close my eyes and was overwhelmed by gelatinous monsters oozing thick black and green bile. (check here for attempt at a poem to get a better idea of this dream)

Dream Journal 09->11-03-16

Apart from visitations by the vile creatures mentioned above, there wasn’t anything that came to me as a dream.

Dream Journal 12-03-16

Not too entertaining a dream here, although I would rather take this over my dream on the 8th. I was pole-vaulting and confused my alarm for my ringtone and thought it was my boss calling me. Really gave me a horrible case of Deja vu.

Dream Journal 13-03-16

Lately, my dreams have been very weird. Last night I dreamt I was an eel. Nothing more than that. I was an eel and I fed of off small fish that wandered into my lair.


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