It means something to me, but not much else.

A Response to the Daily Post’s one word Daily Prompt: Sentimental

Sentimental. Artificial. Silly. Romantic. Nostalgic. Lyric. Synthetic. Regretful.

These are the words that come to my mind when one mentions sentimentality. I like the fact that we deliberately place some kind of symbolic importance into certain objects. Very often it’s nothing real, but it makes us feel better. We self-heal. I find that it gets pretty intimate pretty quickly when one shares their items of sentiment. I enjoy looking back on the hoarde that I have collected and having it remind me of who I was and what I was most concerned with. For me, the items that I hold dear provide me with a link to the past. A tether to my former self. A link to my prior hopes and aspirations.

I have a terrible memory of my own life. I cannot place things together in any coherent order. I can only reiterate what others told me I did. I am a bit of a hoarder, I’ll admit that much easily. I am also not a very emotionally dynamic person on a day to day basis, I tend towards a neutral emotional state where I can think clearly about abstract items, but appallingly about social items. I place great emphasis on one’s items of sentiment because I see them as a physical expression of the journey one has passed through. But the feeling I get most strongly from sentiment, is regret.

I’m afraid I cannot yield a specific description of why that is so. In general, I would say that it has to do with my weakness of willpower. I keep around items like; stuffed animals (three dogs and one panda and one blue bear) books that I know I will never read again, birthday cards that actually impacted on me, and my art from throughout the years.


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