A week in Review

I am one of those people that like to get things done early. I stress way too much about projects and assignments, deadlines and the managerial issues that I have to deal with. Starting and finishing thing early is the best way that I have found so far to help me avoid nasty panic attacks from creeping up on me.

And last night, I finished up the assignment that was looming over me like a dark and eery monstrous sentinel, only to find out today that I now need to double my word count with information that I received 5 hours ago.

But more to the point, what have I dreamt of these past six days?

Dream Journal 02 -> 05 -03-16

All ’empty vials’. Maybe it was the stress, maybe it was my irregular sleeping patterns but each morning I woke up blank. But I can tell you that I can say with certainty that I dreamt of someone’s face! And that is something I have never done before. It’s always been a misty shroud, despite knowing exactly who the person was.)

Dream Journal 06-03-16

Earlier that day I way feeling in a depressive state and was reminiscing of my past love life. Needless to say that my dreams came in an episodic romantic tragedy. They all focussed on one selcouth woman. Starting off with us meeting at school, playing golf together and laughing at the other’s terrible jokes. Then we moved on and saw other people, all while still holding the other at heart (this part of my dream was really incredible. It was like I was watching two films side by side.) I watched her grow happy and develope as a person while with those  ‘others’ whose names and faces I did not know. And I saw myself progressing at the same rate, my hair whitening already even though I have not broken 20!

As the ‘film’ went on, our lives ended up more and more in sync. Our schedules lined up and despite the fact that we attended different universities, and then different jobs, we both did the same things in the same way and at the same time. Even things like arranging events with friends and my/our untasteful manner of sliding out of non-organised social gatherings happened simultaneously. Up to this point, the dream had been like a movie played at 20x speed. Here it slowed right down. This must have been the crux of the matter. The crucial point. On our separate sides of the screen we both looked inwards, she and I paced forwards and our scenery started to look more like they were part of the same area now. Park and fire station. Shopping centre and food district. Brick walled barber house. . .

Of course, my alarm would blare at this point. Even in my dreams, I do not get to be with her. But of course, my brain does not want me to feel left out so it did leave me with one warm feeling.

Looking down at the ground to avoid the glare, I reached for the door handle to the store. But what I felt was not cold, hard steel. But soft, smooth skin. The shivers that it sent down my spine, I can still feel them even now.

Dream Journal 07-03-16

Last night, I had a much more peaceful dream. Perhaps it was my minds way of apologising for spite-ing me the day before. It was a classic tale of adventure. I was the strategist for the expedition brigade of a new noble house. They wanted to explore the wild lands and find the ancient artifacts of their ancestors. This dream, it seems, took place in my fantasy realm called Martas. A magical land that has just been given fresh life by the gods descending down onto it. It used to be filled with prosperous civilizations that had reached a scientific peak. After some unknown calamity, the world was plunged into 10 000 years of darkness. It is currently the Age of the Pheonix, only a few decades after the gods descended and breathed life back into the world. Nobody knows quite why they came back, some say it was to find the power that plunged the world into darkness. Myself  (dream me and main character me), I think that they just got bored without being able to play the puppeteer.



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