Two Times Travel

Dream Journal 27-02-16

If you go into the woods today you better go in disguise,
If you go into the woods today you’re in for a big surprise.
These were the words my friends as I sang as we trotted into the forest. It was rumoured that the deeper you went into the forest, the bigger everything got, and you could tell the centre of the forest as the tree there would be 18 metres wide and at least 30 times as tall.

We were three young boys, just out enjoying the wilderness. I had my long, dirty blond hair, stuffed into a beanie so that the wind could not control it. My friends wore dungarees, one with a red shirt and the other, a white and glasses. We all carried a picnic basket into the woods. I suspect it was the equivalent of us taking three days rations. Time went by and all was peaceful, we encountered butterflies the size of your everyday dog; cat-sized weasels and snails as tall as us (1.2m). We met with birds with a wingspan that covered whole patches of forest in darkness. Ants the size of a young person. Flowers the size of a small house. I have not the words to describe the sheer majesty of this place, it felt like we were in a replica of the Garden of Eden.

We continued into deeper and deeper into the forest. Just as we were about to stop for lunch, we noticed my Latin teacher chatting to a bear. But there was something very off about this scene. The area surrounding Ma’am and the bear, it was enveloped in some kind a hazy blue fog. Here my dream felt really familiar and I started feeling like the Garden, was the one from a dream I had not so long ago ‘Garden of Eden’, same feeling of familiarity with the fog, I think recognised it from the wraith-like creature that was ‘The Lady in Blue’. As I approached the uncanny pair, I felt so much lighter than I did before. I dismissed the sensation as merely my imagination trying to con me into feeling even hungrier than I already was. I turned around to, let my friends know I wouldn’t be long. All three of them accepted that. Wait, that wasn’t right? I only had two friends with me? Who was the third? Why was there now a third and how did he get here? I circled around them and examined the new addition. He wore the same beanie as me! I was sure I would’ve noticed him if he was with us earlier. I opened my mouth to ask my friends who he was, the new addition replicated my actions, and my words, perfectly. As I said them, he said the, as I tried to throw him off by changing my pitch, he replicated exactly. Even his accent was nearly identical to mine. It was only when my friends answered ‘me’ that I realised what had happened. They looked towards the new guy called him by my name, and said that there was no one other than us three. That lightening sensation. My friends calling this other body James. His striking similarity to me. It seemed that there was only one possibility. I had walked my soul right out of my body.

Feeling compelled to go towards the bear, I ventured forth into the haze. As I approached, I instinctively greeted my teacher, “Morning, Ma’am.” Acknowledging my presence, she turns away from the bear and hands me a thick booklet with the words “Due by Friday” on it.

Here my dream goes hazy (both literally and figuratively – I have little memory of this point and the haze seemed to extend). This leaves us with a slightly altered scenario. I am still in my soul form, but I have no body of which to speak. I also can now see who is in soul-form and who is not by those who are, having a white triangle on their foreheads as well as having an aura of this light blue haze around them; those who were not in soul-form, had an ethereal tether exiting from the nape of their necks. My two friends remain eating their lunches, aware of what was happening, but not particularly caring. The bear, was angry, or maybe just hungry; for arguments sake I shall call him Hangry.

As the haze was absorbed by the trees, they thickened, and grew. Each tree putting on a good 30 centre meters width and probably gaining about 8 times that in height. Once he got a clear view, Hangry charged at us and I noticed that he too, had an ethereal tether. I tried to get in his way as he charged at Ma’am, but to no avail. He went straight through me and knocked down my Latin teacher. Hangry whipped his head to the side and glared at my two friends, the one in glasses was the first on his feet. Throwing Ma’am onto his back and sprinting to escae the bear, he was quickly followed by our other friend, who in turn was chased by the bear, who in turn was chased by me.
We came across a cliff in the forest, seeing no way to go around we were forced to climb/slide down and hope for the best. Four eyes had already crossed t by the time the bear and I caught up. Our red shirted friend was halfway down. The bear started galloping towards the cliff, I grabbed onto its fur in an attempt to hold it back. By now the bear’s anger was showing on its face in long term scowls that would remain even when their carrier bore no expression. The bear, leaped into the air, slammed into the ground with a thud so loud that it made the ground shake. Although he barely managed to stay on, our red shirted friend slipped onto a few metres down the cliff-side.

I refastened my grip on the bear’s fur and noticed that its spirit tether was only a few inches from my hand. I could feel the massive Hangry beneath me eying out a new target. Desperate, I grabbed onto his tether. As my hand made contact, streams of black smog poured out of the bear and I could feel his movements becoming more and more fluid. I grasped at the tether with my other hand and even more of these black spirits were purged of the bear. I continued clamping my hands onto the tether until all was silent. Even the bear had stopped moving entirely.

I gave one last tug on the tether just to be certain. Just as earlier, I felt incredibly light, now, I felt heavier than I ever had. Looking around myself, I noticed the trees consuming the black spirit energy as they did the blue haze. It took great effort to move my head. Had I really gotten so unused to moving muscles in such a short time? I walked towards my friends; they still had not moved sine Hangry landed at the base of the cliff. Behind them, another bear moved. Was it Hangry? I couldn’t see him anywhere, it must have been him. I circled around the tree to find where he was hiding. When I saw not just Hangry with a white triangle but also my own body, limp on the ground.

Whose body then, was I in?


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