Double Whammy:

Dream Journal 23-02-16

Dream 1

It was massive, an 18-meter class. at the very least. I grabbed my blade and ran towards the titan.

BFF! The ground shook as a molten hot boulder slammed into the ground next to me. Someone was attacking me from behind. This time, my  enemy wasn’t another Titan, it was human. Why now of all times did my comrades turn on me?

Dream 2

I seemed to have envisioned a maze. But one that I knew how to escape from. It was your classical giant, run-down, 15000-year-old maze. The only difference was that everyone inside it was given instructions on how to get out. We knew that each time we completed a task given to us by the maze, we would be shown the opening to the next sector. At each sector, we had the choice between A, B and D. We did not know what the maze would give us. For all we knew every option could lead to the same thing. Whatever choice we made, we were given an unforgivable task. Defeat 38 enemies in 38 seconds.Figure out the answer to this riddle.And the task we currently faced, sacrifice one of your own.


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