A Comparative Study of Grammar?

Dream Journal 21-02-16

I have heard a few times that the brain can categorize data while one sleeps. (Acording to the Huffington Post, the brain can consolodates memories, learns how to perform physical tasks and arguably, making new reative connecctions which fall under the type of categorisationn that I am speaking of). Last night I dreamt about the grammatical structure of latin and compared it to that of English and Japanese. If it is true that the brain categorises information then it seems as if I experienced it through a pictorial representation that came to me in my dreams, or at least, that is what I would like to think. A more likely case is that I dreamt of a merger between my latin classes and my online Japanese courses.

I also know that in addition to having this dream, I also woke up wit a desire to practice archery. Thisprobabiy is my most onfusing dream I can remember, I invite anyone who thinks that they might have some insight on this incident to write it out in the comments below.



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