You Can Never Starve in the Dungeon

Dream Journal 18-02-16

I was adventuring in the lower levels of the dungeon when I came across a minotaur horde. While I was running away, I dropped my supplies into a crevasse in the rocks. Unable to spare the time I ended up having to abandon all hope for the rations I had purchased on the surface world. I roamed the derelict floors trying to escape the hunger. I scavenged for anything edible. All I found. . . were monsters. After felling the 9th wyrmling to my blade, I succumbed to the hunger and dove into the fresh meat of freshly hatched dragon.

It had a slight sweetness to it and was not as tough as I thought it would have been. I checked my equipment for what I had. Healing herbs and mana potions. I guess it’ll have to do. I diced the herbs and tossed the into boiling water. I used the rinsed out helmet of some soldier who was burnt to death to reduce the mana potion into a think, blue sauce. Turning my shield upside down and seared the stake in the roaring flames.

Tsaa! A short while later I had made myself a hearty, and mana high, meal from the dungeon. Seared wyrmling steak doused in a reduced mana sauce with a side of diced healing herbs


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