A New World Order

A Response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: World’s Best Widget

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

Well, it really depends on whether I am designing an object that there can only be one of or if it can be mass produced. Note, I’d definately make a machine.

If it is a unique, one and only object. I would make a terraformer that can restore the environment to an idealised state. It would have to be capable of not just spewing out atmosphere but also of creating and absorbing heat to such a large extent that it could change a desert into a forest in a matter of years. It would also need to be potent enough to allow for further colonisation of other planets and be fueled through a combination of different fuels present in the ‘verse. Solar, hydro, wind, geo. It would need to be made of a metal that can be reconstituted into the formation of some new, enhanced version of the terraformer or be able to be repurposed into something useful. That is all I can think of off the top of my head.

If it is an object that can be mass produced then I would create a device that allowed humans to photosynthesize. It may not be as much of a device as a genetic enhancement. In which case I would create a device that allowed us to manipulate the human genetic structure in such a way that allowed us to generate our food source from sunlight, effectively solving the food problem. I say food problem not just in the sense of starvation and obesity but also the very fact that we have to spend so much time eating. I think that that time could be put to a more proactive activity. Yes, I do love food too but being able to feed off of sunlight would allow us all to eat only when we want to. Yes, I do realise how badly this will affect the food industry and how it can wreck cultures, but I think that being able to generate food from sunlight does not eliminate the need for food substances while it does eliminate starvation. Arguably this also makes the food we eat more sacred and we’d be less inclined to feast on all that we see. It would also force us to spend some time in the sunlight (and hopefully in the wilderness) which will be good for our overall health and give a new purpose to sunbathing.

Other things I would love to create. . .

A device which breaks down nuclear radiation. Something that can strip waste of all that which makes it waste and shred it into individual atoms. A water breathing device ’cause I think submerged cities are really cool. In which case we’d also need pressure suits so that we aren’t crushed by the weight of the water. I would make a device that enabled soldiers to take on a virtual combat form in the real world that could engage with physical bodies, effectively preventing the massive loss of life during war. Sadly, I think that last one is highly improbable.

Most of all, I would like a device that stayed in the brain of a human being and reminded them of what a morally right thing was and that they should not do this as it is amoral. Not in such a way that they are forced into things for I believe that it is good for we humans to experience the feeling of free choice and that we should not be forced into things. This device would recommend what is moral to us, hopefully nudging the world into a much more peaceful and idealised version of the one we live in now. If it worked, we wouldn’t have things like greed, corruption, slavery, theft, rape, murder. Basically, I would like it if our consciousnesses worked the way I once thought that they did. Keeping us in the right and alerting us when we are stepping into the wrong, but not preventing us.


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