Mediator of Knowledge

A response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing

If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.

For me this is really a question of, “If money were not an issue, what would you do as an occupation?”

I wish we could all abandon money and the current structure of the world but I know that my lofty ideals do not match up to the world and that they never will, well, at least not in my lifetime.

I wish to be a mediator of knowledge. I am not particularly gifted in any aspect of life and I can accept this. What I cannot accept is people whose wisdom and intellect far surpass mine but do not realise their potential. I wish to be a mediator of knowledge in that sense. I want to show people what it is that makes them wise, what it is that they know and how they can improve themselves.

It doesn’t matter where this occupation, or rather, this hobby, takes place. The fundamental principle of allowing someone to realise that they have the mental capacity for things far greater than I is what I want to be doing.


4 thoughts on “Mediator of Knowledge

  1. I could see this as an actual job today- like a knowledge broker. “Oh, you need to know how do do that? Well, I just happen to know someone who can do that…” The model is there- it’s just a matter of finding the clients and those with the knowledge.


    1. I was trying to hint at lecturer actually. It’s my aim to become a part of the university staff in a subject like Cognitive Science or Philosophy. There, I think, the job of the lecturer is largely to convey skills and ideas needed not further development in the field.

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