Cue the music

Dream Journal 15-02-16

As I stirred in my room I heard what I assumed to be a door slamming. It had that harshness which resonated within your body but this time, it was slightly more metallic. Three more ‘doors’ slammed. It couldn’t be could it?

Right next door to us, a gunfight had broken out.

Eighteen adults, all armed with pistols and one young boy of an oddly familiar height who was cutting through the enemy with a machine gun that looked like it came straight out of Terminator. Mostly males, they were running around my neighbours garden and then not just in my neighbours garden but in their neighbours’ gardens as well. Next thing, my garden had been invaded. Suddenly, I was outside in the midst of the gunfight. They were shooting at each other and did not seem to have noticed me yet. I had to find myself an exit. When they saw me, a tall, dark-skinned man shot at me. After realising that I was just some hopeless, meek, fool, he caused the bullet to curve away, just nipping at my hair as it raced past my face and into the ground. The older, of my younger brothers, also got involved in the fight and my mother was not impressed. A caucasian male had summoned up an army and was charging against my mom. She charged at them and smashed them all down like bowling pins. My brother and my mother now stood side by side looking at me. I reached out a hand to them but felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I was battling to breathe. I stretched out my arm a little further, but to no avail.

I had spent my time on the earth without ever really knowing which way to turn. Then just as things started to go my way, I went and died yet again.

As the music started to play, I no longer felt the pain of the chunk of metal sitting alongside my heart. My thoughts became clear once more, “When will be the last time this happens to me?”


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