Superhuman Chef

Dream Journal 14-02-16

“The onions, grab the onions!”

I raced from counter to counter, trying to cook 9 different dishes all at once was no easy task. We lived in a world of superheroes and I was designated as their cook. It was not because I was a particularly good cook. In fact I was rather mediocre, it was because I too was a superhero. and I had the power of heavenly-kitchen speed. While I was in the kitchen I could think twenty times as fast and move my body 7 times its normal speed.

The ‘corporation’ was forced into hiring every superhuman and using their power for the good of the planet. I had one of the most redundant superpowers, even Fishman could be used for stealth when he transformed into a tuna. Whereas all I could do, was prepare dishes at lightning speed. But even I had a nemesis, something that could prevent my speed on the kitchen on having any drastic effect. My nemesis was, the oven! Not even a superhero. I regretted opting to go for that enhancement all those years ago. That was how we all got our powers.

By now I had prepared another thirty dishes for the members of the corporation. I had purchased nine ovens and always kept them warm. At least, this way I could still feel useful, getting out multiple dishes at a time.

As I left the kitchen my speed returned to that of a regular human being. I was only special in the kitchen. As I served the meals to the various other superheroes, I asked them about their adventures in the outside world and what great difficulties they had overcome.

I admired the great efforts of the characters who could call themselves superHEROES. I could just claim that I had greater power than the average human, I was by no means super. I stepped outside onto the deck of the corporation’s skyship and admired the only superhuman thing that I had. I had the best view you would ever see.


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