The Forest at Twilight

Dream Journal 13-02-16

As I left my apartment and stepped into the forest right outside my door, I caught a strange whiff of some foul creature. I checked that I had all that I needed for a day of exploration in the forest that had reclaimed my old city. I whipped out a pack of macadamia nuts and munched my way through the forest.

I saw many things that day; mushrooms that had grown to be the size of a baby elephant, their red and purple spores seemed to hover around them; trees which had grown so fast that they had erupted out of the ground, causing the nearby land to remain volatile and prone to hot geysers jumping out of any of the multiple cracks and fissures. I saw flowers that  watched you as you walked past and vine-curtains that parted as you approached. I saw a massive pool of aquamarine water whose coral reef reflected all the colours of the spectrum.

When day came in, I would head out, and when night approached, I would hastily depart. For at night, the mythical forest shifted from being a venue of all things good and beautiful, to the spawning ground of the dreaded beats that climbed out of the abyss.

It was on the border between day end and night beginning that the forest was at its most beautiful. During this time, everything would rise up towards the sun to try and catch the last few rays of light before the world faded into darkness.


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