Triple Threat

Dream Journal 12-02-16

Dream 1

It was a quiet night this evening and I was all set to cook supper for the family. I was making chickpea shawarma. It was such a simple dish and everybody loved it. All I had to do was open tins of chickpeas, add the shawarma spice I had made last time and put them in the oven. All was well and I finished making the pita bread and they were now ready for the chickpea filling. I pull out the dish from the oven and to my horror I found, I had forgotten to add the chickpeas!

For some reason, this dream terrified me. I woke up with my heart racing and crying out, “I forgot the chickpeas!” In reality, though, I had not forgotten the chickpeas and I had a very nice dinner last night.

Dream 2


I called out to her but she just did not listen. I had ben trying for hours to catch her and yet she still managed to evade me. What almighty speed, what ungodly stamina.

I changed out my prosthetics and continued the chase. I had to catch up to her. I had to make sure she knew what I wanted. I never knew I would go this far for someone. I wondered what she thought I wanted. Her skirt had a thread loose and it bothered me. I had to fix it.

Dream 3

My final dream was a vision of the world that appeared in my response to the daily Post’s Daily Prompt. I have sketched it out and am adding some notes down onto it. I will cover that in a separate post but include a link to it here.



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