Nourishing Mother?

Alma Mater

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech

A response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:Alma Mater

To my knowledge “alma mater” is latin for kind/nourishing mother. Google tells me it is an allegorical term used to refer to one’s university or college. We don’t use these words in South Africa. But I can draft a speech about the meaning of life.

[] - actions. Not to be said
{} - Stage cues. Not to be said
Italics - things to kee in mind. Also not to be said.
Bold - points to stress. These are to be said.
[Enter stage left]
[move hastily to slight right of stage]
[reposition self after looking at paper]
"If you are going to be rubbish at something you might as well make it a part of the plan."
{Speech Begin}
yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Hola y bienvenido
Hallo und herzlich willkommen
Funny that I bet that even without actually knowing what any of those words mean you can work out for yourselves what it is that I am saying. 
Hello, and welcome to UKZN's Alma Mater [find out what an alma matar is from latin teacher].
To be honest, I don't know why the staff of this university insisted that I be the one to do this speech. I kept on telling them that I, as a nihilist, have no meaning in life that I can share with anyone. You can see them over there [point towards the people who put you here] I still don't know why they wanted me to do the speech. I refuse to advocate my way of life onto anyone. I do not live the life that you desire so why I am here, I do not know.
So what do I know, maybe that is why they put me here. Well, I know very little. I know that I am still hyped up about the GRAVITATIONAL WAVES that was confirmed earlier this week! It's like a rediscovery of radio waves that allows us to stare into the beating hearts of black holes, star, and quasars.I know that a team of Japanese scientists believes that they have discovered the [quark?/quasar?/The soup of the universe] and that quantum entanglement has just been performed at room temperature. So I know a bit about science, not a lot. But I know a bit. I can't say that I understand any of what they actually mean, though. So me and my ignorance, why are we here? Why are any of us here? Were you forced to come to this thing to? Well, seeing as we are all here, I am going to give you a speech on the meaning of life. And I hope that it's a good speech which you all enjoy. But if you walk away from this knowing what my meaning for life is and simply making it yours, then you have not understood a single thing.
In my life, I act in accordance with a certain set of moral principles that I hold in high regard. I believe in virtue, humility, justice, fairness, truth and that if I can stick to acting in accordance with those and some other principle then I can say that I am a man of diligent moral stature. I can claim to have my dignity intact. I believe that the universe is a cold and harsh, unforgiving place where we have to create our own music that we can dance along to. We could quote Nietzsche and we could quote Nietzsche yet again. We could paraphrase Socrates and Jesus and admire them for the deeds that they did in their mortal life. I am not going to lecture you in any myths, no matter how believable they are but I think it is safe to say that without the followers that those two revolutionary thinkers had, their thoughts would have amounted to nothing more than that of the crazed old, like-minded men.
[check to see how many people have gone so far]
[comment on it]
I want you to understand that while I live my life for certain principles, others might find it hard to do so. Maybe there is a special person in your life that you can dedicate yourself to. Maybe there isn't. But follow what your heart tells you while listening to your mind. If you think something is wrong, then don't do it. It doesn't matter how many politicians claim this to be a democracy, it isn't. Don't let be fooled. We, the people, are not ruling ourselves. We just chose other people to lead us so that they could tell us what to do, that is the classical definition of an oligarchy. I cannot stand for that. I do not believe your truthiness. Now you can bet that the people in power here are going to come after me, they are the ones in the fancy black suits. I agree that they help us. I agree that they do many good things and even some great things. But if I said to you that my tie was a piece of cheese and forced you to eat it and you accepted that it was, who would be in the wrong?
What was this talk about? Oh yes, the meaning of life. I cannot tell you the secret to the meaning of life. I can tell you what I think makes my life meaningful, but if you just copy me then you would be even worse off than where you are now. Find your own song, dance your own dance. There is a gaping abyss beneath your feet and if you can stare at it and come to terms with it, then you will come to terms with many other things n the process. One of which may just be the meaning of life. So question all that you hold dear, why is it important to you? 
What makes it special?
I cannot tell you the meaning of life because you have to find it yourselves.
[abruptly walk off stage in the wrong direction]
"If you are going to be rubbish at something you might as well make it a part of the plan."

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