Quirk of Mind

Quirk of Habit

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

A response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.

I have two major pet peeves. The first is when people seek non-intrinsic ends. I can acknowledge the fact that this is something that most of us are guilty at but I cannot say that it makes it any less forgivable. People who pursue money for the sake of obtaining money, or likes and comments for the sake of statistical gain, or a massive friend circle just to say that they have the most friends. I can count the friends I have on my hands. . .

I can count the friends I have on my hands. . . I have just enough money to get by. . . and the number of likes and comments I get do not bother me. (If you read my response to February the 9th’s Daily Prompt you will know what I mean.)

I like people who pursue ends as ends in themselves. No, I’m not a hedonist, nor am I the optimist and I can’t even say that I am a humanist anymore. I believe that we should all sing our own song and dance our own dance to fill the void between the stars. If you are going to allocate one thing a great amount of value then you better make sure that is is something that deserves the amount of virtue you place in it. I cannot understand those that pursue non-intrinsic ends. Happiness should be for the sake of happiness. Money, to bring about happiness and sustenance in the capitalist world we live in until some major reform. We should ask questions for the sake of asking questions and understand things for the sake of understanding them. I try and hold dear things like truth, honesty, virtue and justice. I just need to find out what those things actually are and what they truly mean if they mean anything at all. I want to find out what is true in this world and cannot just accept what is fed to me, but I do not think others should be like me. It’s a life that I want to live and am proud of living it. Despite the fact that it makes by blood vessels come close to bursting when I see people pursuing non-intrinsic ends I would not advocate my way of life over anyone else’s. I hold dear things that I do not even know what they mean and cannot tell when the next paycheck will come through. Also, there’s my anxiety which I suspect to be a result of the life I live.

My second major pet peeve is one that annoys me even more than the first. Iknow this because it makes me violate all of what I believe I hold dear. I will lie, beg and cheat my way out of things. I will manipulate you into believing that you need to be somewhere and threaten you and accuse your dog of being lesser than mine.

I absolutely hate small talk.

Quirk of Habit


4 thoughts on “Quirk of Mind

  1. Hi there, I like your post. I agree we should not do things for the sake of accolades, but because it is something that drives us, completes us. I also hate small talk, but maybe I don’t hate it, maybe I am just not good at it. It seems pretentious.


    1. Thank you, I am glad you like it. I claimed to ‘hate’ small talk but I am ignorant of what an accurate definition of the word would be. I feel as if it something that fits well which is why I used it, but I most certainly do agree with you. Maybe I don’t hate it and I just have a severely strong dislike towards it. It does elicit those symptoms, which I hold to be vices, on me and so I feel as if it is a hate as my dislike of it is so strong that it makes me think of subtle ways to violate my principles.


      1. And here I was thinking that sometimes small talk is needed in life. Otherwise it would be awfully quiet at parties where nobody knows each other. 😉


      2. Even so, I would rather get to know the person by inquiring about their metaphysical disposition, what their take on abortion is and how their relationship with their family has shaped their lives. I agree with you, parties would be very quiet if not for smalltalk, but I think that if we engaged in “big” talk, then we would all understand each other much better.

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