Three Short Dreams

Dream Journal 09-02-16

As my dreams last night were numerous but  short I shall describe what the were, not a detailed record of events.

Dream 1 

All that happened in this dream was that I made dorayaki in a toasted sandwich maker.

Dream 2

I had a massive wave of female fencers sign up at my club after they decided that they wanted an all female group. They were brutish and violent and ended up destroying our venue. This terrified me as it meant I had to shut down the fencing club.

Dream 3

The third dream I had was that I was forced into a lecturer’s position at a university and taught the exact same lectures that I was given yesterday at varsity. “A brief introduction to epistemology and a theory of truth and reality”, “The moral repercussions of our actions towards nature” and “An introduction to Latin morpholoy”.


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