Kitchen of the World

Live to Eat

Daily Posts Daily Prompt: Some people eat to live while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

I don’t think I would travel that far just for a good dish. I try to eat well to live well and make a lot of my meals myself. I source exotic recipes and their ingredients and make the food myself. I’m not an amazing cook, I make no claim to be. But I can follow a recipe and with a number of high-quality recipes you can find on the ‘net these days its a real pleasure eating quality, exotic food that costs less than a third of the price.

But do not misunderstand, if I were already in a foreign land then I would go out of my way to sample everything from the street food to the top-class restaurants. I firmly believe that food, like language, is built into the culture of a society. Not just the manner in which it is cooked but the way in which it is eaten can also tell you a lot about the people and their history.

I am an extremely under travelled individual so for me, even when my budget is tighter than normal, cooking and eating is a way to travel the world without me ever having to leave my house.

I long for the days when I can travel, but until then, I shall take a tour of the world in my humble little kitchen.


4 thoughts on “Kitchen of the World

  1. I am like you in that I enjoy the creative cooking process here at home. I travel much less, these days, but when I do get away for a weekend, I enjoy trying different foods. Since reaching adulthood, I’ve never made it out of the U.S. but enjoy ethnic restaurants.


    1. I am glad to hear we share the pleasure for creating and consuming the tastes of the world.
      Unfortunately for me, I have never been able to leave the country (South Africa) so cooking the foods of the world is my dominant method of travel.

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      1. My fragrance sensitivities now make travel too difficult. Last time I left the country was when I was in school and our marching band crossed the border into Canada to take part in a parade. It was a lot of fun. Passing through the border was much simpler, then. 🙂 I feel that way about new recipes. Food and books are other alternatives. ::-)


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