Twice Exposed

I live in the attic room of my house. Out to my right I can just see the ocean through the trees and to my left I can see the roadside and the hut where our local security guard watches out from when he is not on his route.

It was on this road that my dream took place.


I was typing away at my computer finishing off some project that had me completely absorbed when I took a break from staring at my laptop’s screen and noticed that we had a new patrolman. We never had had two before, I queried this to my friend who appeared alongside me and we decided to set up the new apparatus she had brought with her. We shone down a laser beam pointing it at a white surface, directly opposite us, but right by the guards. This laser beam measured the fluctuations caused inside the light beam and transferred that into audio information. We were lucky and the only noise where we didn’t want the device to scan was from a flock of birds catching the insects in the evening sun.

The guards were conversing about the latest in football games and other non-essential stuff. We had nearly dozed off when the really good stuff came in. The two guards started speaking about their employ, the one who we had known for a couple of months now was saying that he was quite happy under the big man’s employ. The other guard laughed a foul guttural laugh and said that he was in the pocket of one of the other higher-ups. He had left his post to come scout out this area. He went on about how they profited greatly from crime. The more crime that happens the more the citizens employ us, the more money we can take. I was shocked by this and decided to phone their organisation right away, we always record conversations when we spy on people like this, in case we overhear vital information like this. So we were not lacking in evidence and this man looked unclean.

Now I don’t normally go spying on people in reality, or if I do I have no memory of it but in my dream, my friend and I seemed pretty darn good because we were able to get right up close to them to take a clean photo of them both.

We printed out the photo and circled the guy we were laying these accusations against, formed a document of a transcription of the audio and sent all the information across the Marshal (their organisation) so that they could sort out this issue. I also forwarded it to several other police stations and private investigators. As my friend and I sat back and reflected on our hard work, we realised we were not alone in the room. The accused man was right there with us in my room. Smiling at us, he raised his gun.


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