A Little Dance Here. A Little Dance There. I Think I Forgot my Underwear.

Naked with Black Socks
After seeing this same post being written about on a few different sites, I just could not resist and had to give it a bash myself.

Naked with Black Socks

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.


Am I comfortable in front of other people?
Well..no. I can put up with people so long as they give me a wide birth. Seriously, I take up three adjacent seats in my lecture rooms. I place great emphasis on touch. For me touching somebody else is synonymous with a brief connection between souls. If your soul has not touched me in a positive manner before we meet then I will do as much as I can to avoid physical contact with other human beings. It’s gone so far as me dropping my lunch and bolting away when some stranger tried to hug me. But that was a really bad day.

Does the idea of public speaking make me want to hide in the bathroom?
Definitely not. I despise public toilets almost as much as I despise exorbitant public displays of affection. But would I hide in other places? Well, that really depends on what it is I have to talk about. And if I really REALLY have to do it. If it is something I am confident in like I used to be in, like my guitar and singing then I would happily rock that stage and give it my all. I did the Dale Carnegie course and have found that that really enabled me to deal with those unavoidable scenarios. I enjoy roleplay and performing so for me, public speaking is just as if I am roleplaying an extroverted character. But let’s say I did this and I spoke on something. Were I to be approached after the speech by someone, then I am not coming out of the bathroom until the show is over or my claustrophobia gets the best of me.

As for the why…I guess it’s a combination of social anxiety, a desire to please others and my wish not to be involved in a one on one conversation without some sort of backup plan.

But the real question is although every fibre of my being is against this idea of going naked with black socks, why is the image going through my mind right now is of my kilt falling off and vanishing into oblivion, leaving me stark naked, with black socks?



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