Dream Journal 03-02-16


It was one of those really bad days when we knew that something bad was going to happen. Dante, Brycen, Malark, Miera and I had just left the Underdark and entered a large catacomb. This was our first time adventuring there but we fair amount of research beforehand so that we had a solid idea on how to counter the various threats present.

Brycen was leading the party, clad in full plate armour with a massive shield we felt confident that nothing would get past our stout Dwarven commander. Behind him and to his left, sticking to the shadows was Dante. A master assassin who dual wielded dragon horn daggers. I was new to the guild and this party is what surprised me most, they had two Aasimer in their ranks. (D&D: opposite f Tieflings. Descendants of Celestials) One of them was a healer who used blood magic and the other one was the assassin Dante here who had no reaction to death. Miera was a Demon Huntress who joined the guild, after all her leads went cold and she was left without purpose, She covered our rear guard with Malark. He was a grandmaster monk, draped in what I would have called bedrobes. . As for me, I used the blood of my Draconic ancestors to fuel my sorcery.

As we traversed the rocky terrain and pushed forwards we encountered far too few a foe. We decided to make haste out of the dusty, maze-like catacombs and return to sunlight as soon as we possibly could. After about 15 minutes of marching and having only dustmites get in our way, we came across a massive pit where the floor had fallen in. It stretched out over 18 metres long and covered the whole width of the underground passage. Had we ventured too deep into the Underdark? Was this hole something created naturally, or something caused unnaturally? Either way, the five of us needed to make great haste.

It was almost as if the gods decided to answer the questions we had just asked. The ground had started to shake and we noticed a small side passage that went around the deep dark pit. Brycen called out the command and we raced forward. The geology of this place was certainly not stable, none of us wanted to get caught in the formation of anther pit. The tremors were getting more and more violent by the second, by now we had made it halfway through the narrow passage. but we were not fast enough. The ceiling collapsed behind us, taking out Miera instantaneously. Knowing that know was not the time to morn we pressed on forwards. As we burst out of the passageway a massive orange creature swiped up Dante and with mandibles the size of a small horse there was little our fallen angel could have done to prevent his gruesome death. Shocked at the cruel timing of such an event but enraged at the death of two of our comrades we attacked the Umber Hulk.

Swinging his mighty longsword Brycen chopped through the foul creature’s left arm causing it to cry out in pain. As the arm flopped on the ground, Malark engaged the creature from behind with his bare fists. One punch from this open palmed monk and the beast flew right into the pit. I was not even needed. Stil, I knew I would get the chance to fight. Something in the air told us that we had not one just yet. The ground still shaking we tried to flee the scene, we would mourn our losses later. The wall in front of us exploded in a rage of earth and rock and out from the darkness, came three more Umber Hulks. I started chanting, we would need my most powerful magic to defeat these monstrosities. They charged forwards. We changed forwards. The first one readied its mandibles to slice through Brycen. I aimed my spell at it. As it was about to engage my dwarven comrade I caused hellfire to surge up from the ground and immolate our foe. Two of them, three of us. Malark used the same move and tried to knock back the Umber Hulk with a flying kick. But its steel-hard chitin resisted all damage and Malark was in great trouble. Brycen ordered me to back him up ith my spells while he raced across the trembling earth and engaged the other one.

Now I don’t quite know how it happened but As we were about to taste victory, the ground gave way and all of us, even our opponents plummetted downwards into the abyss. On our falling battleground time seemed to have slowed. Brycen and Malark disengaged their opponents and whipped out their grappling hooks. Malark was too slow and was taken out by the Umber Hulk he had tried to run away from. Brycen, still running tried to call out to me to do the same, I smiled and said that I couldn’t afford one earlier so I came in without it. But I will just use Malark’s. If this was where I was meant to die then so be it. I looked toward Malark to see if I could use his. Just as I thought, the Umber Hulk had already devoured him and everything he had. I had one last spell, I could coat this entire platform in flames and kill everything on it, including myself. Brycen threw his grappling hook onto the wall as it rushed past. He had found a stable footing. As both Umber Hulks charged at me I wondered how long we had fallen for. Chanting, smiling. One of me, two of them. I unleashed the entire wrath of heaven and hell unto our falling battlefield and what were gigantic chitinous monsters were now just piles of ash. I managed to avoid most of the damage from sheer luck. But I knew when I hit the ground our numbers would go from two to one. And there was no way Brycen could survive in here for long. Not on his own that is, and not without his trusty longsword and shield.

In those last few moments of my existence, I thought of all my comrades who had perished. If only someone could have told their story. That is the reason why I write this here, dear diary. In the hopes that someone might stumble across our graves, they will find this book and know the glory that we had achieved and just how it was that we went to meet our maker.

Clutching my bandages, I nursed my bruises and cursed my luck. But at least, I would not be eaten. And from one, the number falls to zero.

The last things I remember f the  dream was me (Torin) reopening the blood-stained pages of the book and trying to frantically write something down. 


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