Something Lost, Something Found

Dream Journal 02-03-16

Last night was one of those odd nights where I had only a single image in my memory

Underneath the castle, in the newly discovered catacombs, there was a clearing where light could filter in from above. This is where I stood. There was a large hole in the ceiling above me and an even larger rift in the floor in front of me. It stretched out in all directions until it was swallowed up by the darkness. The last light of the day was illuminating a corpse on a small ledge down in the rift. Was this what I had come searching for? The corpse had been dressed in a silvery-white ball gown that matched her silky hair perfectly. The longer I try to hold onto this image in my mind the more familiar the body becomes to me.Nevertheless, I cannot place a name on the white haired, white-gowned body.

In my hand, I held a small golden something. It was the pocket watch of some important official. Had I stolen it? Was it my father’s? Or did it belong to the body that lay right in front of me, but too far away for me to provide any form of help. This watch had a magnificent golden chain attached to it but it seemed a lot heavier than it should have been.

I was motionless, taken aback from shock without knowing what had shocked me. I once again questioned who this woman was and why she was so familiar to me. How did she and I end up in the catacombs of the castle and where was this hole to be found above ground. The only word that flowed through my mind was the word ‘Bride’.



Image found here.


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