Unseen Worlds Within Those Walls

Dream Journal 01-02-16

“Daniel, what is it that you have been doing all this time? You look so much sadder than you did last year.”

Daniel looked at me with a blank expression and carried on walking out of the lecture room. I was done for the day so I decided to follow him around for a bit. See what was going on with my old friend. I don’t know if he just didn’t notice me or if he was just ignoring me completely but he did not notice me at all. I tried asking around on campus but no matter how hard I tried I could not get anyone’s attention. I figured that somebody was just trying to play a trick on me again. I had received similar treatment through =out my primary school years so I just put it all behind me and carried on with my duties as a student of the university.

I had almost managed to get to top the class last year and I was determined to come even closer to it this year. If I wanted that funding then that was the only way to get through. I study philosophy you see and in my country, there are no bursaries or scholarships for undergrad. As I pondered about how I would payback the loans I have taken to pay for my studies I noticed that something was changing in the walls. Was it a new kind of wallpaper? Was it that 4D printer that I had read about just the other day? No, the walls, it seemed, were calling to me. I slowly raised myself out of my seat, mesmerized by the changing patterns on the walls I headed towards the one closest to me. I looked at the class and it seemed as if I was the only one to notice these mystical things.

I slowly raised my finger towards the wall and presed down against where its surface should be. I felt cold, but nothing solid connected with my finger. I pressed my palm against the surface of the pattern and was struck by images. There was a battle. Something on the other side of the wall was going on. Vast amount of ice scattered the battlefield which reminded me of” The Capital” from “Akame ga Kiru”. Was this their world? Was the compelling feeling I felt in my heart one for the fondness of their charaters? Or was it becasue I had a feeling that if I entered this world then my deeds would not go unnoticed. As these thoughts raced through my mind I felt my body was falling further and further into the ever-changing pattern on the wall. I released my hold on the world of reality to slip into this one. As I fell fromte sky the ground hastily approached me and the only thing that went through my mind was the same as that of a bowl of petunias as they fell from the sky of Magrathea. “Oh no, not this again.”


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