Battle for Eden

Dream Journal 31-01-16

The world is young, so young in fact that the gods still roam the lands of Martas and intervene in most mortal affairs. Many of the gods have ascended into Heaven, those on earth all live in the Babel Tower. Surrounding it, the garden of Eden. A land where every form of plant and animal lived in harmony. It was said that from inside the Garden there appeared to be many Babel Towers and if you headed into the wrong one you would encounter foreign landscapes and exotic terrains. All that we could see of the garden was the Maramusa Forest and the Path of Holy Scripture. No mortal has ever made it past the protective steel walls that rose up beyond the height that a swallow could fly. Not man or mer had been permitted access to the garden where all life blossomed eternally. Nobody, until today that was.

Many of the gods that live within the tower have already formed religious sects. I was one of the smaller gods’ religious leader. And the first to enter into Eden. All the gods had summoned their most notable followers into the garden. They told us how they planned to ascend to Heaven by nightfall. They too wished to stay and live with us but them having their power on this plane of existence was far most dangerous than they initially thought. Several groups had attacked their gods and attempted to steal his/her powers. They all failed of course but the power of the gods had corrupted the mind of mortal men. Greed had become a sin instilled in us by the gods.

The gods said that as their legacy they shall grant us one final wish, they bequeathed to us their food and the means to taste it. Never before had such a miraculous power been seen by man, never before had we been able to taste the glory that was a lemon coated cinnamon pancake. Our senses were overwhelmed with a zesty form of Heaven. However, our joy was short-lived. The gods had become uneasy and were shuffling in their seats, something bad was about to happen when over the walls of the forest flew a flaming black arrow. All eyes were on this foreign flying weapon. It sailed cleanly through the air thudded into one of the gods’ chest. It was an old, but powerful god. Human male in appearance with beautiful straight black hair which turned white as the arrow stayed inside of him. Once the realisation of what was about to happen had set in, the almighty beings in front of us fled, towards the tower. Sprinting to save not just their own lives but everything that they represented for if they were to pass, so would all of their followers and that which the god represented. Only my god stayed behind, he was Humphry, the god of loyalty and justice.

He used his power to grant us weapons, and rallied the forces under my command. Unable to flee due to what he embodied he asked if I would defend Heaven, for the sake of the earth. We heard shouts coming from behind us. The twang of bows, and the falling of protective gates. The war of Eden had begun, and I was its defender.

After this my dream skipped out a lot of the battle, I know that many lives were lost on both sides and that the Babel Tower was breached in the end but we managed to fend off the invasion of man and prevent any more deaths of those ‘most holy’. After the battle, as I was to head up on stage and make my victory speech, I felt the gaze of evil eyes and a large body moving towards me with something not natural to this holy place. It was a feeling of dread following a harsh reality. It was pure evil in its very way and it made my very soul reel over. I was sure of it, it could only be one thing. The killing intent, of a god.


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