Endless Ocean Blues

Dream Journal 29-01-16

My dreams last night came to me rather late, I woke up to find a noisy painter clattering away outside my window looking into my room.

I was on the endless ocean blue, we had hired a small vessel to take us out. I did not know where we were going. I didn’t even know who was on the boat with me. I yawned as the world regained light and I tried to lift my hand to restore feeling to my numbed face. But for some reason, my hand was oddly heavy and no matter how hard I tried I jut could not lift it. I forced my eyes open and stared down at my arms. They were…chained? Confused but not shocked I tried to think of every possible reason how this could have happened. Then out of the water rose a what I later found out to be the ship’s captain. A beautiful woman with a strong heart and eyes filled with determination. She questioned whether I was ready to talk and give up my secrets yet. I hastily replied that I hadn’t the foggiest idea of what was going on at all.

After a while of arguing back and forth and me desperately trying to defend myself, she came to the conclusion that I was a stowaway if I was not the criminal. I was utterly confused and still battling with the after effects of a bad nights rest. I didn’t want to argue anymore. I thought that my family had hired this vessel but the captain had no knowledge of that. I don’t know why she left me chained up against some oddly thick door, staring out over the endless sea.

Nothing much happened in my dreams until this next point.

There was a rustling of papers and a scruffy, black haired man with a safari hat that covered his eyes approached me. Roughly shoved some papers inside my pants and whipped out a gun. Just as he aimed the barrel at the side of my head I heard the captain’s voice. “Stop right there Rogers!”

But someone had shot a bullet at me. Someone that wasn’t the scruffy haired Rogers. I could feel it heading my way. In the slowed moments of time, I felt everything that was going on around me. The pounding of the captain’s feet against the floor and Rogers’ confusion as his target had been taken from him. The shooters sadistic grin knowing that she had done well for target practice. In that moment before my death, I had ascended humanity and achieved a greater sense of perception from nothing more than sheer determination.  My only desire was to be able to use this power for just a few seconds longer. But alas, it was not to be.



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