Oblivion Blade

Dream Journal 28-01-16

We descended into the dungeon just like we would any other day, only this time it seems as if the very air was off. It was myself, the wizard, Gorab, the Brutal Paladin, and Ivgan, The Vanguard Healer.

We struggled unusually hard on this dungeon raid but nevertheless we persevered through, right up until we made it to the boss room. We rested and checked our equipment was all in working condition and started to discuss our strategy. We knew all of the boss’ moves and that we could one hit kill him if we break off his armour and crush his magic stone. (The magic stone seems to be what keeps him alive and grants him is power). The only issue is that we only have one unit that is able to face off against him. This guy is pretty magic resistant due to his incredible armour. Thats why if we want to defeat him we would have to pry his adamantine casing open and hit him with a magical spear that will rend him from this plane of existence. Goarab knew what he had to do. Engage in one on one combat and keep him occupied while Ivgan finds his armour’s weak point and exploit it. Until then I would provide buffs for the two of them and try to immobilise our enemy. Our only concern was that we had no idea what this enemy would look like, he was a shapeshifter that could take the form of any armoured creature that can hold a weapon.

Confident in our tactics we strode burst through the doors only to find that the boss was not where he was meant to be. Instead, there was a staircase that led downwards into a malicious darkness. I called out to my comrades to remain at alert but they were lying on the floor unconscious. I racked by brain for how this could have happened  and then noticed a dart stuck in each of their necks. Was this the boss? Has he changed into a stealth unit? Why was the dungeon so different today?

I saw a movement in the shadows, someone was watching us. Someone must have known that we were coming and decided to ambush us. PKers!! (player killers) 

I chanted as fast as I could and created a dome of magical force around my fallen comrades and myself. At least, I know now that nothing can get inside to us. I cast a light  spell where I heard the noise and right there was one of my best mates from high school. Cadoc?! I said trying to hide my suspicions, in the dungeon, everyone could be your enemy. Wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt I ushered for him to move aside while I conjured an unseen servant to stabilise Ivgan and Gorab. Cadoc was no stranger to me, we had some of the best memories together and I didn’t want those memories to be ruined. Sensing a foreign danger I forced Cadoc out of danger only to take the blow myself. His laugh confirmed it, this was my true enemy. He had probably defeated the boss already and hacked the rooms grid system causing these changes.

(Here my dream skips what must have been a dialogue between Cadoc and Myself while Ivgan and Gorab regained their senses and prepared for combat) 

Hacking and slashing at Cadoc with my Oblivion Blade I tried to last just one single hit. It was the ultimate weapon for any wizard, a small dagger that could be hidden anywhere and would rip apart any humanoid foe with just one hit. It’s only flaw was how unlikely it was to actually hit. Still I would not give up. Gorab was engaged in combat with the boss the Cadoc and his thugs ignored and Ivgan was trying to outrun the hordes of mobs the had spawned around us while avoiding the arrows from Cadocs followers.

Gorab swung his maul left, then right, then left twice more and the let it fly right into the boss’ chest. The force of the maul was too strong for that faceless abomination and it was taken right over the edge of the staircase and fell into ever-silent darkness. Armed with only his fists, Gorab changed into the fray and straight through the mobs that were on Ivgan’s heels and headed for the enemy archers. Ivgan cast a group healing spell n the three of us. Just in the nick of time to for I had not much energy left to fight with, only my sheer force of will. Then I realised that the Oblivion Blade which I wielded was only so unlikely to hit because when your hand entered your opponent’s space it would move on its own. If I could throw the blade at him I could avoid this penalty. Scrambling to increase the distance between us I flung the blade forwards as I  fell backwards, flopping down onto the cold hard marble. I looked up to see Cadoc right above me with his axe held  high. Had I missed? Had I misjudged the penalty? Cadoc laughed and I see a disgraceful rage burn within his eyes. had I done something to my once great friend to cause him all this rage? I probably deserved to die right there. I could see Gorab and Ivgan charging at Codac, trying to stop his finishing blow but it was too late. My puny attempt to bypass the blades penalty and scatter my friend’s atoms had failed. I closed my eyes and accepted the inevitable death that was to take hold of me. I felt a warm blade enter my chest, piercing my heart and as I gasped for air I realised I was breathing in soot. I was a fool. I had forgotten about the time delay on my blade. While I sat there accepting a death I could have avoided I smiled one last time at my companions.With my heart filled with regret I too was ripped out of that world. Only my consciousness was left behind, forever to roam the world, unable to interact with anything. A fate far worse than any death.


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