The Lady in Blue

Dream Journal 27-01-16

My dream was rather odd last night. It felt much too familiar for my liking.

I was in the old living room of my grandparents. Sitting on the floor, playing with some toys while they watched TV. The room was peaceful and they were watching something like Antique Roadshow. But then the humble greens brown started to warp into a mystical blue haze and the world went dark, as if I had left the very plane of existence that I had become so accustomed to.

(I must have been imagining myself to be 11 or so at the time)

The walls of the room had disappeared and their atoms were gathering in the centre of the room and yet neither my grandparents nor I gave any of this  any notice. Not even so much as a glance and dismissal. We just carried on as if nothing in the world had changed. The cloud started to move and take the shape of a woman in a long blue dress. Still my grandparents paid it no attention. I had now noticed what was going on but did not react in any violent way. I calmly looked up from my wooden toys and asked if the kind lady would move out of my grandparents vision. The lady in blue shot a glare at me and replied to my request by slicing through the throats of my grandparents and absorbing them into her own self. The same thing that happened to the walls happened to them, my grandparents were broken down to a molecular level where their atoms reformed as a part of this ghostly woman. My reaction to this was quite calm and collected. I merely stated how she has caused a bit of a bother because now my grandparents will not get to finish their show. Again she looked at me, this time I was given deaths cold stare. I honestly think that I should have been petrified at what was happening to me in this dream but as the lady in blue reached for her blade to slit my throat and absorb my molecules into hers, I commented on the life that we used to have together and how I wish we could have had more time.


12 thoughts on “The Lady in Blue

  1. That was an odd and violent and surprising dream, it is amazing how it went from normal to weird so fast, and I am surprised by how well you handled what was going on in this dream.

    I am trying to visualize what the lady in blue looked like and how that must have looked like as she appeared and absorbed things around her, that is very interesting and unusual, and she sounds like a pretty powerful and dangerous dream character.

    Thank you for sharing your dream :),
    -John Jr


    1. And thank you for stopping by here.
      I’ll see what I can remember for you, This lady was a vile creature, yet of such beauty and grace that she could win over the heart of all living souls. Yet the moment she opened her mouth the horrors of her former life came alive and one could clearly see why she angered and sought revenge after everything that she could. Her face was, I want to say scarred but it was worse than that. It was torn. Something like what paper looks like if you crumble it and tear it. The last detail about her features that I remember is that the left-hand side of her head slumped inwards as if there was no bone to protect her brain anymore.

      Her deconstruction of my grandparents was, terrifying and yet epic. It was as if with a single gesture of her hand she could single out the molecular structure and cause the gravitational forces between their atoms to release. Keeping their same colours in death as they had in life, what my grandparents had now become floated in towards the lady in blue and I could see that she held just the slightest glimpse of life once more.

      I was actually tormented by the above incident when I dozed off at work today.

      Thanks again for stopping by. I hope this gives you a clearer idea of what I had in mind.

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      1. Thank you for taking the time to share those extra details from the dream Nefilbata, that definitely makes things clearer for me, and you are welcome. 🙂

        Keep up the good work,
        -John Jr

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    1. Thank you very much. That dream ‘Lady in Blue’ is the reason I started this site. It felt unnaturally vivid and all to realistic. I look forward to seeing you around here.

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